8 Do’s and Don’ts When Brushing the Cat; Don’t Brush the Cat’s Fur Against Direction of the Fur

  1. Don’t assume all is well with cat grooming because you see the cat is grooming itself.
  2. Do brush your cat frequently to get out all of the excess fur that builds up, especially during the times of year when the cat is shedding.
  3. Do brush long-haired cats every day and short haired cats about four times a week.
  4. Do use a bristle brush on most types of cat fur.
  5. Don’t rush through brushing or you will end up with an angry cat. Make it an enjoyable experience.
  6. Don’t brush against the direction of the fur or you could wind up with a well-deserved bite.
  7. Don’t hurt the cat removing mats of hair. If it is a big problem, take the cat to a pro.
  8. Do keep the cat from swallowing a lot of hair by brushing it regularly

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