Best Salad Spinner? In Depends on What You Need

A woman spinning salad in the kitchen.

A salad spinner is a budget-helping device that allows you to buy a whole head of lettuce or whole vegetables rather than buying those cut-up bags or trays of greens that cost a lot more. Further, with a salad spinner, you can get the vegetables mostly dry, store them in a ZipLoc bag, squeeze out most of the air, and keep the vegetables many more days than you can with insufficiently dried vegetables, loosely stored in the refrigerator–often, you are lucky if they are still good the next evening.

You can pick up a really cheap salad spinner, which might prove satisfactory. Or you can be really inventive, like a long-time salad-maker friend who swears by her method: she cuts up and washes the lettuce and other veggies and places them in a clean pillow case, knotting the end. Then she throws the pillow case into her washing machine and sets the appliance on the “spin” cycle for nine minutes. Yes, indeed, those veggies are dry as you will ever want! Make sure you knot the end of the pillow case well to avoid a real mess in the washing machine and salad remnants in your underwear.

Salad spinner with iceberg and red lettuce diet concept

Here are some key tips on picking or buying a new salad spinner.

    • Pick a salad spinner that will fit your job and your kitchen. When buying a salad spinner figure that a two-quart salad spinner will easily handle a salad for one or two people; a three quart will be adequate for four to six salads at once and a four quart is good for eight salads. Here’s the thing, if you have a small kitchen or storage area, but you need to make a lot of salads, pick a smaller unit and dry the veggies in smaller quantities. There is nothing that says you have to dry all of your salad at once. Make several batches of salads for those times when you will have a lot of people over, rather than buying a 5-gallon salad spinner for special occasions.

    • Good looks. Look for a salad spinner offering beauty and brawn. Some salad spinners look like the hunk of junk plastic that they are, while others can proudly be displayed in the kitchen. Those units that can be left out for the world to see don’t take up extra space in cabinets and closets.
    • Lid attachment. Some salad spinners have lids that merely sit over the opening, like the top of a pan does. Don’t get one of those. Rather, get a salad spinner that has a top that locks or at least clicks in place so that you don’t have a flying salad situation. The problem with the loose top is that it almost seems like you could use three hands to keep the salad spinner functioning–one to turn the handle, one to hold the spinner in place and the third to keep the lid on!
    • Flat top. Look for a flat-top salad spinner if you anticipate regularly storing extra lettuce and veggies in the refrigerator. With a flat top, you have the option to place other containers on top of the spinner, assuring you use all of your cooling space wisely and well. Lots of times we store extra food in the refrigerator and it can become a real challenge to store the extra salad with a sloping top on the spinner and then try to store plates of food on top of that. It can become a real balancing act that often ends with food on the floor when the next person swings open the refrigerator door.

    • Method of operating the spinner. There are three typical ways to operate a salad spinner: the hand crank, the pump action and the cord-pull. With a well-made hand-crank model, you can really turn that spinner around and the centrifugal force developed will dry out the veggies. It is our favorite type. Then there is the pump action, which works fine. Using a cheaper model, you can beat your brains out trying to get the salad dry, but a well-made pump action spinner will work for many years and dry the lettuce every time. Then there is the pull-cord models. If you love trying to start pull-cord lawn mowers, chain saws and home generators, then you will love the pull-cord spinner. Otherwise, stay away from them. Even if it works okay at first, at some point the cord will break, or you will yank the thing and salad spinner and wet lettuce will cascade all over the table and floor.
    • Get a model with a non-slip base. Salad spinning is essentially a two-handed job with one hand propelling whatever type of crank or pump you have and the other hand on top of the spinner to hold it in place and keep it balanced. This is a wiz when you have substantial, no slide base that grips the kitchen countertop, but when you don’t it can become a real task spinning the salad while keeping the unit form from sliding away.

  • There really are two materials the salad spinner comes in, plastic and stainless steel. The stainless steel units clean easily, stand up to rough handling over a long period of time and can be used to store the vegetables in the refrigerator. If you go with plastic, get a plastic salad spinner that is BPA free. Many kitchen appliances are BPA free today, when picking a new salad spinner, look at the label to get one that is free of toxins in the plastic.
  • Transparent lid. Get one with a transparent lid because you have to see what is going on in the unit as you spin away. It can be a pain to keep opening the salad spinner every couple of spins to see if the lettuce is dry yet.
  • You may want to buy a salad spinner where the inner basket can be used as a colander and the outer bowl as a serving bowl or storage container. It makes clean-up easier and keeps you from having to buy an additional colander for the pasta and an extra bowl to serve the salad.

Where to Buy Your Salad Spinner

Salad spinners are available at many retailers. Go online and type in a few of these search terms to come up with hundreds of options: salad spinner target, salad spinner Walmart, salad spinner amazon, bed bath and beyond salad spinner. Probably the best price is Walmart spinners and the best selection is amazon spinners. Or you could partake in what professionals call “omnichannel shopping” where you go into a bricks and mortar store to try out the devices and then buy at the cheapest salad spinner price online.

Top Salad Spinner Brands

Write down these brand names before you go shopping for a salad spinner. These are some of the best on the market and will give you years of good service.

OXO Cuisinart salad spinners Zyliss Progressive Westmark Gourmia Vremi Culina Maestoware Savant Kitchen Jobox Utopia Kitchen IKEA

10 Salad Spinners Evaluated

The Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner is a non-BPA plastic salad spinner that has receive a great number or rave reviews. The unit is 10.5 by 10.5 by 6 inches high. This salad spinner was selected as a top product in 2017 by People Magazine. The spinner is clear plastic outer bowl and top and a substantial inner basket. The unit is a pump action device, there is a small point at the center of the outer bowl that the inner basket sits on when it spins. There is also a rubber ring around the base that keeps the salad spinner in place when you use the prod uct. The unit, as mentioned, is pump action with a lock to hold the top in place and a brake to slow the unit down to stop it. The unit seems to work well and through centrifugal force it pulls out the water. This unit seems to do a fantastic job of driving out the water.

Here are the pros and cons from actual users of this salad spinner across the internet:


The unit is BPA free and the outer bowl is a thick plastic. Very easy to use and clean this unit. The unit works really well, the cheaper salad spinner I had did not dry the lettuce. Perfect salad spinner for any salad enthusiast. Cleaning lettuce never easier.    Quick and easy to disassemble, easy on the wrist when using the device. All it takes is a few pumps, then let it do its job. Can be put in top rack of dishwasher. No longer need to throw out moldering half-filled bags of pre-cut lettuce. I spin it twice to get all of the water out of the lettuce. I have used it more than 50 times and it still functions like the day I bought it. I never thought I needed a salad spinner until I tried this one. Nice size, easy to handle, dries lettuce. Salad spinner cleans up easily. I don’t know how I lived all these years without this salad spinner. I wish I bought it sooner than I did. This is the salad spinner to get because it is easy to use, easy to clean and it works. I never thought I would say that I love washing salad but I do with this spinner. Finally, I am investing in a good salad spinner, not a cheap, plastic one. This works beautifully. We fight over who gets to spin the salad with this spinner. Overall, very happy with this product. Big enough to dry not one but two heads of lettuce.  Works like a charm.


I don’t think container should be brittle plastic. I like the color, but that’s about it.

Trudeau Microfiber Salad Dryer Bag

If you are really tight for space, but love salad that is not soaking wet, try this Trudeau Microfiber Salad Dryer Bag.  The bag is 13.5 inches by 18 inches and is made of super absorbent microfiber material that draws moisture away from the salad you are making. The lettuce that you have dried in this bag can be stored in the refrigerator, probably for days. This bag can also be taken on camping trips and on vacation, when you absolutely cannot drag a heavy salad spinner around with you. When you need the bag to work more quickly drying the lettuce, place the lettuce in the bag and spin it around overhead a few times. You always need to check for people and pet so that you do not soak anyone with the excess water from the bag. If the lettuce is really wet, why not take it outside and give it a spin. Simple, easy to use, quick to clean. It’s great. What we do after using it is turn it inside out and throw it in the washer.


A little material for a few bucks can replace a big, clunky salad spinner. It is easily stored, cleaned, used. My salad spinner has been retired. This bag is great. It dries salad at least as quickly as the big, bulky salad spinner. Storage is a snap. This is a great deal. The bag is large and functions really well.


Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner, 5-Quart

This beauty features a clear bowl, in which the slotted colander is placed, and a snug top with a brake button to bring the unit to a stop when the lettuce is dry. It is a good-looking unit of clear plastic, light green and white with a hand crank. The Space Saver has a lot of flexibility to it: use the colander insert to drain pasta or to quickly rinse other fruits or veggies you want to wash. Use the clear bowl to serve your salad or use it as a fruit bowl.

The base has rubberized feet that won’t move around when you are spinning the lettuce. Cranking this salad spinner is easy and takes little effort. It is delightfully ergonomically designed so that the crank handle easily folds up.

Like most salad spinners, this unit works on centrifugal force where the spinning inner basked hurls water away from the lettuce leaves and out onto the sides of the clear plastic bowl and to the bottom of the bowl where it is disposed of when you are finished cleaning the leaves.

The unit is compact and can fit into your cabinet until you are ready for its next use. On the other hand, this is a pretty unit that you might want to leave out to show off.

This unit can go in the dishwasher if you want, but why would you want to? After using the salad spinner, simply rinse it and let it dry.

This unit has generated a lot of reviews around the internet, most of them positive.


What I didn’t need in my kitchen was another gadget, but then I bought this salad spinner and use it every day. The greens come out of this spinner almost dry and stay nice in the salad. This unit really spins when you crank it and it has a brake to stop it. This spinner is perfect. I love this product already and I’ve just started using it. I love the unit, the crank spins freely and really moves the unit quickly, drying out the lettuce leaves in no time at all. The unit comes with a brake and it is a good thing. When you get this unit going and you think the lettuce is dry, before removing the top, let it come to a stop on its own or use the brake to stop it or you could have lettuce all over the place because the unit really has a lot of spinning power. I love it. I’m sick, sick, sick of soggy salads so I broke down and bought a salad spinner—this one—I am not disappointed! I used to dumbly think that a salad spinner was a luxury product. Now I finally understand, this one is a necessity.


This spinner worked for three months, then it broke. It is light and good looking but I need functional. Don’t run it through the dishwasher.

Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner

The unit arrives with three piece, the interior colander the outside bowl and top. The interior of the colander sections is remarkably smooth, which the manufacturer claims will keep fruits and veggies from bruising. The unit is simple to operate. Place the lettuce or other greens into the colander, wash under running water, and place it in the spinner’s clear plastic bowl. Fit the top in place, release the “smart touch” lever and pump the lever a few times to get the device up and running. The unit comes with a non-slip bottom, which is a good thing because with a little pumping action, you can rev this unit up to 1800 rpms for quick action on any water or moisture that tries to cling to the veggies or fruit. The spinner can be brought to a quick stop with the break. One thing you will like about this unit is that it comes with a flat top, which makes it easy as pie to store other items on top of it in the fridge. Another positive feature about this unit is that when it is time to clean up, the top section comes apart into two pieces and can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for a quick and thorough clean. Another good feature is that this unit can be used with just one hand. Place it on a flat counter top, put in the veggies, release the level and spin with one hand, that is, you do not need to hold the unit down with the other hand!


The unit holds a lot of greens and dries them well. The unit seems to be well constructed and well worth the money you pay for it. This is a great product, I have been using it for a while and the plastic components continue to work well. This salad spinner can handle a lot of greens and get them dry on the first spin. The unit comes with a tight-fitting lid. It is easy to use and good to look at. The unit works as advertised. For the money, it is getting the job done. This is a very handy tool to have.


The unit dries well, but the lid does not stay together easily.

Italian Made Fresca Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl

This is a beautiful all white unit with clear plastic outer bowl for easy viewing on what is getting dry inside the inner colander.  This is a 4.4 quart colander with slightly larger bowl, which does serve as a rather elegant serving dish. The unit, although plastic, is BPA free. It has non-slip feet on it. The unit is dishwasher safe and the manufacturer says it is for lifetime use. The handle has a crank handle on it that spins with minimal effort and unlike


This product does what it is intended to do, it dries salad! It is also beautiful and doubles as a great serving bowl. I have had a lot of other salad spinners and they just spin lettuce around without drying it. This one dries the lettuce like it is supposed to. The bowl grips the counter when I spin it and it stays in place. This is really a great product.


Cave Tools Salad Spinner

We don’t think the cavemen had salad spinners back in the day, but we are certainly glad that Cave Tools is Marketing its Quick Dry Salad Spinner for us modern people. This unit has a solid look and feel to it, but at a price that won’t injure the budget. Unlike a lot of salad spinners that are great for lettuce and herbs (which this one is), the unit is also capable of drying fruits, vegetables, berries, peppers, pasta and, of course, leafy greens. The unit is dishwasher safe. We like the vented lid on this unit so that you can wash the salad directly in the bowl, then pour out the excess liquid before spinning. This unit is a large capacity unit that will hold three quarts of veggies. There is a turning knob on the unit that gets it spinning fast for quick drying.


Love it! It is in constant use and stands up to the work. Gets the water out and keeps the lettuce crisp. This is a wonderful salad spinner. Good job, Cave Tools! I am pleased with the results using it on pasta, fruit, vegetables and greens. Salad remains crisp longer. Easy to use, the lid stays on tightly.


Began cracking a week after I got it and now it is unuseable.

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner – 4 Quart

Salad spinners are a necessity for many, but they are a pain to store, unless you have a large kitchen with plenty of cabinets. Now comes the Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner 4 Quarts and you have to wonder what took people so long to invent this nifty device. This is a full-size, tough, get the job done salad spinner when in use, but then it collapses down to half its normal size for storage. Like many other salad spinners, the interior basket drains water efficiently and acts as a colander when you need it; the outer bowl can be used to serve the salad. The unit has a no-skid ring on the bottom of the unit so that it does not jump around when in use. To stop the unit, you simply squeeze the sides of the unit. The unit has a handy built-in crank on its flat top. The unit is said to be dishwasher safe. The only salad spinner we would put in a dishwasher is a stainless steel one. Plastic tends to get hot and warp in a dishwasher so we avoid the problem altogether by simple rinsing the unit after we use it and putting it in the dishrack to dry. If the veggies or lettuce is from our own garden with more dirt than you usually get with store-bought, we give it a good cleaning with soap and water.


This unit cleans and dries the lettuce and then you can use it to store the lettuce in the refrigerator. It seems to last far longer than was possible with other spinners. I only purchased this because it was space saving, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I highly recommend this product, built well and functions as advertised.


The outer colander warped in the dishwasher.

Ikea 601.486.78 Tokig Salad Spinner, White

, White

This is a handy, inexpensive salad spinner and you have to put a little work into getting the lettuce dry. The unit, which is 6 inches high by 9 inches wide. The unit cannot be washed in a dishwasher, rather, it has to be washed by hand.

Pykal Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

The Pykal Stainless Steel Salad Spinner with free tongs is more than just good looks, it really works. It comes with a stainless steel other bowl, a green inner colander, a white plastic disk that the green colander sits on when it spins and a see-through plastic top with crank. There is a non-slip green rubber base on the bottom. You can wash the stainless steel bowl and the colander in the dishwasher, but you need to wash the lid by hand. It is a big unit, able to handle a small to large number of guests for dinner. The large stainless steel serving bowl is 6.8 quarts and the colander basked is 6.34 quart capacity.

The Pros:

Beautiful and solid. Wonderful, easy to use and clean so I use it as a storage container keeping lettuce in it. Took it traveling and left the bowl behind, but Pykal helped me get a new one. This is the best I have used and the rubber bottom holds it in place when I spin it.  Company has great customer service. This is my new, favorite kitchen toy.  Love the 99 salad recipes book that came with it. Spinner is hefty and stable. This spinner is actually stable and stays in place without rolling around when in use it. It works like a charm. This salad spinner features great technology, it is the best ever. The spinner mechanism spins easily and dries out the salad makings. Big bowl and the free tongs are great. Using this salad spinner, there is a great difference in our salads and in the time that the makings stay fresh.  We were happy to get a wonderful email from the company thanking us for the purchase. This salad spinner is easy to use with its push down handle. I love the heavy-duty nature of this salad spinner and the stainless steel bowl is a great serving bowl. Finally, a salad spinner that isn’t flimsy. You can get cheaper salad spinner models than this one, but don’t do it. Don’t hesitate, this is the best. The mechanicals on this salad spinner unit are very sturdy. This is an excellent buy and well worth the investment. Pykal has a “customer happiness” department that is welcoming and informative. This is a large unit and I am quite surprised by its size and its beauty!  This is a very resilient unit. The stainless steel bowl is highly functional and can be used to serve the salad. This salad spinner is a lovely looking unit, but what is really impressive is the way that it works: we highly recommend this salad spinner from a great company and it is a great product.  This unit works great with the push lever and requires little effort to dry the lettuce.

The Cons:

The unit is stainless steel but the handle is plastic, which causes worries it will break, but it seems like a strong plastic and have had no problems.

Xtraordinary Home Products Mini Salad Spinner

This little beauty holds two to three quarts of greens and it has a diameter of 6.5 inches and a height of 4 inches, which is nice for storing away in the cabinet when not in use or placing it in the fridge when you have extra greens you want to save for tomorrow. This medium-sized spinner is a great piece of equipment for salads for two to three people. As we say elsewhere in these reviews, if you need to make more salad for a larger crowd, do it in two or three sections—rinse, dry, throw into the bowl. This salad spinner is pretty to look at coming in a clear plastic outer bowl and white inner colander and white top. We like the lock-down clips on this unit to keep the top in place, preferring not to spin salad all over the kitchen with lesser spinners. The unit spins at a high speed and has a convenient pour hole located in the cover.  The base has small no slip caps to keep the unit in place when running at high speeds. The outer bowl is pretty enough to serve the salad in and since you can add the dressing through the top hole, you contain any mess to a small area. It comes with a handy crank for spinning the greens.


Small but no super small salad spinner that works well. Easy to clean. Unit seems to be perfectly balanced and goes fast without sliding all over the place. This unit feels well-made and not flimsy. Once dried, it keeps greens fresh for three days.


The pivot point in the outer bowl is sharp and if you push down on the unit too hard it can cause the inner basket to split. Just don’t push down to hard and the unit works great. The drain hole is completely unnecessary and don’t let your finger slip in it.

Q&As on Salad Spinners

Q: I note the positive review on the Trudeau Microfiber Salad Dryer Bag on this page. The question that comes to mind is why not use any other cloth bag, why this bag.

A: Actually, you can use other cloth bags as long as they are washable after “spinning” the lettuce in them. What is great about the Trudeau bag is that it is made of microfiber and is super absorbent so if you want to wash your lettuce a little earlier in the day, rather than right before you need to serve the salad, you can wash it, put it in the bag and put it in the refrigerator where it will quickly absorb most of the water. Or you can wash the lettuce, put it in the pillow case we talk about earlier and spin it overhead or put it in the clothes washer and set that baby to spin for a quick and thorough drying.

Q: About the Oxo Good Grips Green Salad Spinner, can you wash other items in it other than lettuce, like carrots and potatoes.

A: The Oxo Good Grips Green Salad Spinner, like most other appliances in this category, is well engineered, but it is meant for materials such as lettuce and perhaps other light veggies such as herbs. Don’t try heavy items in this appliance because it will wear out quickly. If you need to dry a bowl-full of potatoes, get out a roll of paper towels and start drying? If you have a little time to spare after washing the potatoes, simply finish washing them and place them on the dish rack in the kitchen to dry, or turn on a portable fan and direct the fan at the potatoes.

Q: The stainless steel salad spinners seem to be a lot more expensive than the plastic ones. Why spend more money on two units that probably will work equally well?

A: It’s a good question. Give two well-made salad spinners and are not mishandled, one being stainless steel and the other being plastic, the stainless steel salad spinner will last longer, possibly years longer. The stainless steel bowls seem to clean up better and more easily than the plastic units, but both work well.

Q: How much capacity do you need in a salad spinner?

A: It really depends on how large a crowd you are serving. If you have a family of eight, get a nice four quart salad spinner. If there is just the two of you, get something smaller, maybe two quarts. The great thing we stress about salad spinners is that if you have a small salad spinner for the two of you and you are expecting 10 people for dinner, just use your little salad spinner and make a couple of batches of greens. Today’s salad spinners are so technologically masterful that you can dry a bunch of greens in seconds, dump them into a bowl and then dry another batch. Keep doing it until you have enough salad for the crowd you are expecting.

Q: What is a lettuce spinner as opposed to a salad spinner?

A: We think it is just another term for salad spinner. Most spinners that spin salads dry concentrate on lettuce. There are some heavier duty units that can handle fruit, but for the most part, just spin lettuce and herbs in these devices.

Q: Bed Bath and Beyond salad spinners, do they have a good selection?

A: Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Macys and a host of other national retailers have a great selection of salad spinners, or you can go online to buy where you will find a daunting selection, such as on Amazon. You can also go to the individual websites of salad spinner manufacturers to see their complete line.

Q: Is a mini salad spinner the right size to take on a camping trip?

A: Depending on what type of camping you will do, you may not need any salad spinner. If you are hiking out into the woods, where will you find fresh lettuce. As a backup salad spinner, consider carrying along a cloth bag. You can always wash and put all of the salad ingredients in the bag and spin it around over your head for a minute or two to dry the ingredients.

Q: What is the best industrial salad spinner to buy?

A: That is a really tough question because there are a lot of good ones; salad spinners built tough to last a long time in a restaurant kitchen. One of our editors works in a soup kitchen where they feed homeless people around three times a week. It is usually an unskilled group that prepares the food including a lovely salad. She recommends the Chef-Master Commercial 5-Gallon Salad Dryer.  She says that this unit in the soup kitchen now for at least two years has been dropped, kicked, thrown in a super-heated commercial washer, used to spin-dry heavy pieces of fruit, you name it and this unit is ready for the next load of lettuce to dry. The kitchen has a backup salad spinner that could become first-string any time it is needed. It is the Dynamic International SD92 Manual 5-Gallon Salad Spinner. It also has a younger brother, a 2.5 gallon salad spinner called the Dynamic E001 Manual Salad Spinner 2.5 Gallons. These units are tough enough for any job you will throw in front of them. Fill these beauties up with multiple heads of lettuce, crank it up and they are dry and ready to feed hungry people is a minute or two.

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