How To Clean Clams for Steaming

How to clean a steamer.

  1. Purchase clams from a reputable supplier who does a substantial volume in clams.
  2. When you get the package of clams to your kitchen, open the packaging so that they can breathe and place them in a cool location like a refrigerator.
  3. Before soaking them in cool, fresh water, look over the clams and discard any that are open or have broken or damaged shells.
  4. Now, soak the clams for 25 minutes in cool, fresh water so that they can draw in clean water to filter out the sand and salt water they hold.
  5. Take the clams out of the water and use a strainer to filter out the sand while again pouring the water over the clams.
  6. Use a scrub brush with strong bristles to clean off the clams of any attachments or algae.

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