How To Clean Pizza Stones? Pamper Them!

Homemade pizza with prosciutto tomato arugula on black slate board. Close up

We don’ know if it is psychological or is based on fact, but your pizza, cooked on a real pizza stone, tastes better than cooking it on a metal pizza dish! But with all the crust and bubbly, melting cheese and tomato sauce, the stone can take a beating by the end of the meal. What’s the best way to clean them? Follow these steps to enjoy delightful pizza after delightful pizza.

1–Let the pizza stone cool down to room temperature before ever attempting a wash.

Closeup of baking stone — commonly called pizza stone — on marble top kitchen counter.

2–Never, never put it in a dishwasher or dunk it in a soapy kitchen sink because you will live to regret it, even the next time you go to use it because the next pizza will taste like soap.

3–You can clean a pizza stone with a wire bush, but that can sometimes damage a stone. Instead, buy a plastic scraper and use it only on the pizza stone. Scrap off all of the stuff that has collected on the stone.

Homemade pizza on black stone plate.

4–Wipe it off with a moist cloth but never soak the stone in water–you want a dry as the bone pizza stone for the next pizza because you want that crispy crush you can only get with your own pizza making process.

5–Then dry it with a dry towel or let it sit in the dish rack and dry in the air.

6–If your stone really gets cruddy to the point where you cannot clean it well through the above procedure, you can pop it in the over or an hour with the temperature on 500 degrees. That will waste a heck of a lot of energy, so try doing it the above way.

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