How to Raise Earthworms

Use Earthworms for Composting or Sell
Them to Fishermen as a Part-Time Business

Earthworms (Dendrobena Veneta) for fishing, composting and the general health of your backyard and the environment.

Here are the steps to raise earthworms:

1–Create a box or container for the worms. A plastic storage container will work fine. Find one with the approximate dimensions of 1-1/2-feet by 2-feet by 1-foot. A bin that is larger or smaller than these dimensions will work fine.

2–The worms need ventilation, so drill lots of holes around the perimeter of the container about three to four inches from the top and on the top itself, although if the box is to be placed outside without shelter, provisions have to be made to protect the structure from rain.

3–Place about a quart of rich soil from your garden on the bottom of the bin, then fill it with strips of newspaper. Use the section of the newspaper that is black and white, not the color sections because these can be toxic to worms.

4–You need to buy worms to “seed” your project. Buy about  one to two pounds of worms. Some places that sell worms will sell a certain count of worms–250, 500, 1000. Typically, there are 1000 mature earthworms to a pound, so you can figure out the rest from there.

5–About two pounds of worms will process two pounds of composting materials every day.

How Fast Do Worms Multiply

Some worms reproduce quickly in the right environment, such as the red wiggler also called the manure worm. Some estimates put the red  worm production rate at doubling every 90 days.

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