How to Take Care of Orchids: You Can’t Kill It with Love, But You Can with Water

The Moth Orchid

Orchids are easy to grow, tolerate neglect and with the slightest encouragement will grace your dwelling with bloom. You probably got a present of an orchid in bloom or purchased one blooming, perhaps the Moth Orchid (shown above). Here’s what to do next:

1–Place holes in the bottom of the container holding your new orchid if it did not come with them…orchids cannot sit in water.
2–Focus when you water an orchid. Orchids live in tree bark or sphagnum moss and the bark or moss needs to dry out before the orchid is watered again. When the orchid is dry, take it over to the sink and water the plant thoroughly until water is spilling out of the bottom holes. Then let it dry out before the next watering.
3–Orchids need bright but indirect light. Southern exposure can kill the plant; northern exposure doesn’t furnish enough indirect light; place the orchid on an easterly or westerly window. Watch out, as the seasons change, direct light could come into the eastern or western windows and harm the plant,
4–Keep the plants between 70 degrees and 80 degrees F. They can tolerate 60 degrees F at night.
5–Orchids need to be fertilized. Use only orchid fertilizer on the plant and fertilize according to directions on the package.
6–After the orchid has stopped blooming, cut off the bloom spike, but continue watering, fertilizing and give the plant light.
7–The plant will give you marvelous blooms within a year.

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