Using Kerosene Heater Indoors Could Spell Trouble…Handle with Care–Take These Steps!

  1. Kerosene heater condition–Kerosene Heater Safety means that you must make sure to check over the condition of the kerosene heater before use.
  2. Inspection–Carefully inspect the exhaust portion of the heater for carbon buildup. If there is carbon build up, follow manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and removing the carbon.
  3. Emergency shut-off–Check out the kerosene heater to ensure that it has an emergency shut-off switch in good working order. This safety tip is critical in case the heater is tipped over.
  4. Properly vent space–Here is a safety tip that applies to all appliances that burn a fuel-ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure the space is properly vented. Burning kerosene, coal, or propane in a space that is not properly vented c ould result in the production of deadly carbon monoxide (CO).
  5. Use a carbon monoxide detector–Anytime you use an appliance that burns fuel, such as kerosene, use it in conjunction with a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide detectors are similar to smoke detectors and give off a loud tone when carbon monoxide is present. Open all windows, shut off the appliance and vacate the space should your carbon monoxide detector sound an alarm.
  6. Fuels to use–Only use fuel designed for the appliance you are using. Never use a fuel not recommended by the manufacturer.
    Storing kerosene–Kerosene must be stored in a metal container approved for kerosene storage. The container must be stored out, away from the house in which the kerosene heater is used. The storage area should be clean, dry and well ventilated.
  7. Refilling the heater–NEVER refill a kerosene heater when it is in operation or still hot from previous use. Carefully refill the kerosene heater with just enough of the fuel. Do not overfill. Do not use cold fuel when refilling.
  8. Let the liquid rise to room temperature. Otherwise, if you will the appliance with a cold fuel, it could expand in the tank as it warms up. Refuel the appliance away from the home or out of doors.
  9. Keep children away from a kerosene heater–Make a rule that children must always stay away from the kerosene heater. Children with loose fitting pajamas or night gowns could easily become engulfed in flames as the clothes ignite.
  10. Using kerosene heater in bedroom–If using a kerosene heater in your bedroom or in another bedroom in your house, make sure the space is properly vented. In fact, use it in conjunction with a carbon monoxide detector with a loud enough alarm to wake up the person in the bedroom as well as you in another bedroom. When using fuel burning heaters, err on the side of safety.

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