Get the Best Sleeping Bag for Your Hiking & Camping Adventure–13 Tips!

Comfy sleeping bags set up inside a tent.

Sleeping bag packed up and hiker is ready for a big day in the wilderness.

You’ve gotten to a nearby store or you are looking online at literally the hundreds of sleeping bags available to you. Now what? Here are 13 key tips to help you make the right choice at the brick and mortar store you may be visiting or the online site that sells sleeping bags.

1—The four keys to buying a sleeping bag are finding one (or more if you are buying for your family) that will keep you warm when you sleep outside with temperatures either cool, cold or really freezing;; are comfortable so that you do not spend the whole night tossing and turning; one that will hold up for many camping adventures now and in the future; and, of course, price—you do not want to pay through the nose for something available for a lot less at a different bricks and mortar or online store.

2—There is nothing more valuable to you when camping than a good sleeping bag and that is why you need to buy one or more for the type of camping you intend to do along with friends and family: are you a summer casual camper who will place the sleeping bag(s) on air mattresses or will you be roughing in the New Hampshire or Maine woods or the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter? You need to get a sleeping bag for how you will use it and the weather conditions.

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3—While all sleeping bags basically serve the same function…keeping you warm at night when you sleep, they all diverge from there. The basic types you will encounter when buying a sleeping bag vary by shape: there is the so called mummy sleeping bag that sort of fits the human body, the rectangular sleeping bag and the semi-rectangular sleeping bag. The mummies are wide at the top where your shoulders are, but taper off near the bottom to offer you the most snug fit and the most warmth. If you like kick your legs around while you sleep, this one might not be for you. The rectangular sleeping bag offers more space, but less warmth. The semi-rectangular sleeping bag is really a compromise between the rectangular and the mummy, offering more warmth than the rectangular and more space than the mummy.

4—Get a sleeping bag with a zipper that can stand up to the elements. Through rain, snow, sleet, leaves and a dusty campsite, that sleeping bag zipper is crucial to its performance now and in the future, so get one that is strong and well made. Additionally, get a sleeping bag with a zipper that opens easily. There are also models that have a zipper guard that helps prevent the zipper from snagging in the sleeping bag material—something that always happens when you are sleepily trying to get out of the sleeping bag in the grey dawn. If you have a zipper that is easily caught in the sleeping bag material, no matter how strong a zipper it is, it can cause a miserable night of sleep if you cannot get the sleeping bag closed in the dark. There are also models that have what’s called a draft tube behind the zipper to keep out the cold. Cold seeping in from a closed zipper might seem like a minor problem, but when you are out in the cold with temperatures dropping, you want all the protection from cold that you can muster.

5—Consider a sleeping bag with a removable liner for at least two reasons. First, the sleeping bag will keep you warm for winter camping with the liner in and keep you a little less warm during summer camping trips. Further, removable liners can be taken out and washed, which means you can always have a clean sleeping bag to use. Washing a whole sleeping bag, or rather later drying it, can be problematic when all you really need is to have the inner parts of the device clean and tidy. When considering materials for a liner, cotton and flannel offer the most comfort, are warm, wash well and repair easily. Silk packs tear easily. Fleece holds in the heat and is a good choice for winter adventures.

6—Consider a twin sleeping bag if you have a partner you want to sleep with. On the other hand, your body heat plus a partner’s body heat can get the inside of a twin sleeping bag positively clammy. Sometimes sleeping bags can be zipped as one together. You may want to consider two sleeping bags for you and your partner that can zip together should the occasion arise.

7—Consider a sleeping bag with storage pockets for storing flash lights and other equipment. This is an efficient way to store things, but it can also be annoying at night.

8—Consider a bag with a non-slip bottom, which can come in handy for keeping the bag on an air mattress or maintaining your position on a slight slope in the snow.

9—There’s nothing happy about sleeping in a sleeping bag and waking up with a cold head and neck and a headache. Consider sleeping bags with hoods, tie-strings or Velcro to keep you warm and shut out all of the cold-air passages into the bag. If you don’t want to go in that direction, get yourself a good hat you can wear while sleeping to keep your head warm.

10—Check out the sleeping bag’s temperature rating to ensure that you will have a sleeping bag that will protect you in all of the temperatures that you expect to be in. When you check new bags out, you will see that they are rated for winter, three-season or summer. Don’t bring a summer sleeping bag to a winter camping experience, because you will be very, very unhappy! With typical ratings form – 10C to 10C, keep in mind that the manufacturers and testers of those bags do not expect you to throw your bag on the cold ground and go to sleep. Manufacturers assume that you will have an insulated pad under you (and we might suggest an insulated pad on top of you and the sleeping bag when it is really cold!).

11-Consider the insulation in the sleeping bag. The typical sleeping bag has down insulation or synthetic materials used as insulation. The down packs more easily and is good for backpackers, but the synthetic stuff stays drier, should the weather turn foul. Down is a lot more expensive than synthetic insulation and offers greater warmth.

12—For kids’ sleeping bags, use the same considerations above, but remember that when a sleeping bag is made for a kid, the manufacturers are thinking that the kids are less than five feet.

13—While buying the sleeping bags, check out lanterns, air beds and sleeping pads and flashlights because you will need them all.

Sleeping Bag Manufacturers

Teton Sports, Coleman, FARLAND, KingCamp, Forbidden Road, Maevis, RevalCamp, OuterEQ, REDCAMP, Abco Tech, ECOOPRO, Ohuhu, SEMOO, Sleeping Bag and Sleepingo.

Where to Get the Best Deals on Sleeping Bags

Getting the best deal on a sleeping bag may be no further away than clicking on Amazon and typing in “sleeping bags for adults.” There you will find over 770 results for actual sleeping bags and accessories.

Check out sleeping bags Cabela’s for a wide array of sleeping bags that will help you handle sleeping out in 45 degree F. temperatures down to 0 degree F. temperatures, although at 0 degrees F. that country inn looks mighty inviting. Walmart has a huge array of sleeping bags and does Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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