Where Can I Find a Wells Fargo Bank Near Me?

Wells Fargo exterior sign and logo. Wells Fargo & Company is an American international banking and financial services holding company.

The quickest way to find a”Wells Fargo near me” is to use its locator that you can get to by clicking this link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/]. Once you click on the locator link, its website will take you to a page with a colorful map in orange and gray. The states colored orange are states where there are Wells Fargo Locations, but the states that are in gray do not currently have Wells Fargo Banks, but at the rate that this institution is growing, it will not be long before there are bank locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana. All of the other states have plentiful banking locations. When you are on the locator page, you can always go to the Wells Fargo home page where you will find links to the Wells Fargo full site. Or you can click on the site map page and find a rich array of resources from which to choose.

A Wells Fargo Bank drive thru in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you wish to narrow the search further once you reach this search page, then you can do so with a search box at the top of the page that allows you to enter an address, landmark, Zip Code or city and state. To the right of this search box are boxes that allow you to narrow the search even further by clicking on:

  • Bank Only
  • Bank within a Location
  • Open Saturday
  • Bank Drive Up
  • ATM Drive Up
  • 24-Hour ATM
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Make an Appointment
  • Notary Service
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • ATM Sells Stamps

There are 13,000 ATMs and 6,000 bank branches within Wells Fargo at press time around the United States, except in the few states that we mentioned earlier.

A Wells Fargo retail location in Manhattan.

What is the Wells Fargo phone number? Here are some key phone numbers if you want to speak with someone right now: call 1-800-869-3557 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have questions about banking, mortgages or investment services. Small business customers have a direct line as well that once again is available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is: 1-800-225-5935

What are Wells Fargo bank hours? To get the exact Wellsfargo hours for a particular branch, go to the link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/], which is the all-important locator page and key in a city and state or other information that you might have. You can type in the Zip Code of where you live and the page will bring up Wells Fargo offices and Wells Fargo addresses around you. Let’s say, for example, you type in “Hartford, Connecticut.” The locator will bring up a Wells Fargo branch at State House Square and furnish you with a street address and there is another link that will detail the services available at that office. It also gives you a direct phone number to that office. Any office of Wells Fargo that you call you will find a friendly voice on the other end to answer all of your questions. Typing in Hartford, Connecticut also brings up a second Wells Fargo location in this capital city of Connecticut. It is its East Hartford branch in East Hartford, Connecticut. Just to the right of the name and address are Wells Fargo hours for the lobby and the drive-up. For example, at the State House Square office, the lobby hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday. This branch is closed on Saturday and Sunday. It has one ATM that is open all of the time.

How do I find a Wells Fargo ATM near me?  Need a Wells Fargo ATM? There are 13,000 within the Wells Fargo system that you can find by clicking on the locator link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/]. At the top of the locator page there is a link to click on the ATMs in the system. Once you do that, there is another easily used mapf of the United States that comes up with a new search box where you can type in an address, landmark, Zip code, or city and state. Just for the heck of it, we typed in the “statue of liberty” landmark. Sure enough, the system returned two Wells Fargo ATMs that we could use while visiting the Statue of Liberty in the New York area.
How do I find a Wells Fargo branch near me? Once again, the process begins by clicking on the link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/] that takes you to the Wells Fargo locator page. Once on the page, go to the search box and key in an address, landmark, Zip code, or city and state.

Where is the nearest Wells Fargo Bank? Where is the closest Wells Fargo Bank? Do you need to find the nearest Wells Fargo bank while you are on your travels or do you need to find the nearest Wells Fargo Bank to your home? Click on this link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/] to go to the Wells Fargo locator page. If you are traveling and need to get to an ATM, type in the city and state where you are or a landmark to find a banking location. If you are trying to find a Wells Fargo banking location near your home, type in your Zip Code. Even if there is no Wells Fargo Bank within your Zip Code, it will likely offer you a few locations within a few miles of your home. When it brings up the locations, it will give you Wells Fargo hours today and all week long, including the hours on Saturday. Some branches are open on Saturday and some are not.

What are Wells Fargo Saturday hours?  That will depend on the bank’s location. To find out if your Wells Fargo Bank or one that you want to do business with is open on Saturday, click on this link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/]. Key in your Zip Code or the city and state where you wan to do business with Wells Fargo. If it is a large market like New York City, you need to narrow down your choices. If it is a smaller city, there might be just one or two branches from which to choose. When you bring up a branch on the locator page, it will furnish you with all of the information that you need. If you do not get all of the information that you need, Wells Fargo furnishes the local branch’s telephone number for you to call.

What time does Wells Fargo close? Depending on how you want to use Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo may never close for you. You can always go to Wells Fargo login, if you are doing business online–it is open 24/7. Branch hours and Saturday openings vary within the large network of over 6,000 locations, but there is always someone to talk to at Wells Fargo anytime day or night. For consumer questions, call: 1-800-869-3557; if you are a business person, call: 1-800-225-5935

Where can I get a list of Wells Fargo Bank locations? Click on the link to the link [https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/] to the locator page, where you will be greeted with a map of the United States. It is an orange and gray color. The orange-colored states are where there are Wells Fargo locations. The few states colored in gray do not have Wells Fargo banking services at this time. You can find bank locations one of two ways. In the little search box near the map, you can key in a city and state, a landmark, a Zip Code. If will bring up the Wells Fargo Bank locations near you. Or you can simply click on one of the states dressed up in orange. On a recent visit to the locator page, we clicked on Texas and came up with 589 Wells Fargo branch locations in the state and 1212 ATM locations. The most popular cities for Wells Fargo in the State of Texas is Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Wells Fargo Rich in History

Wells Fargo’s heritage is rich and runs through and through American history. Henry Wells and William
Fargo, who had previously started American Express, formed Wells Fargo & Company because they wanted to offer banking services in California in 1862-1863. They took over a company that led to the operation of the Pony Express. Wells Fargo continues to thrive to this day.

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